New Construction Project – Outhouse/Toolshed/Woodpile

So my pop, brother and I met after my brother’s graduation ceremony and discussed our upcoming trip to the land. We’re heading out on the 16th and staying until the 20th. We’re going for a few reasons. We want to make sure our boat has made it through the winter, as well as the platform itself. There were a few giant windstorms since we were last there, and even though there are no giant trees near the platform itself, a lot of smaller ones could do some damage. Also, the freezing and thawing of the ground could potentially have moved some of our foundations. To deal with this, we plan on putting some braces across the posts when we go up this time.

We’re also going to build a smaller platform to the east and just a bit north of where the cottage platform is. This platform will house the outhouse, woodpile and tool cabinet. Right now the outhouse is just sitting behind a bunch of trees a way off from the basecamp and we imagine people will eventually want a little more privacy. The new platform will be 16′ by 8′. The roof will overhang all the edges by about 2 feet, so it won’t rain on you, on the tools, or the woodpile.

We’re doing up some drawing for this one, and I’ll be posting those shortly, along with more detailed information on how we’ve improved out methodology since the last platform. Namely, we have a plan before we get there with a pile of wood and no hammer.

Oh, and I called the Coleman Township today for a building permit, which they are mailing out. Should be interesting to see if they’ll actually let us build this slanty shanty. Not that that will stop us, but it’ll be interesting.


~ by cabineer on June 4, 2009.

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